ESL Examination Preparation Lessons

ESL Examination Preparation Lessons

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Have you always wanted to pass an important examination like the IELTS or TOEIC? Have you ever planned to live and work in Canada, the US, UK, Australia, or New Zealand? Have you ever felt confused about where to start? If so, then this course is for you!

I’m Na’im Muhammad and I’m an English teacher on iTalki. I’ve taught over 6,000 lessons to over 1,100 students from around the world and I’d like to help you improve your English skills today.

In my ESL Examination Preparation course, you’ll be able to:

- Answer the most common questions on the examination with tremendous ease
- Greatly enhance your listening comprehension skills
- Make swift progress in your reading and writing studies
- my eBook "How to Learn English: 7 Steps to Fluency" ($10 value) for FREE [if you book a 30+ min. lesson]
- a special video series for each day of your studies
- my course "Modern English: Series 1" ($99 value) for FREE [if you book a 60+ min. lesson]
- a personalised lesson plan/ curriculum specifically designed for your needs [if you book a 60+ min. lesson]
- my course "Modern English: Series 2" ($199 value) for FREE [if you book a 90 min. lesson]
- special lesson scheduling privileges (you'll be able to schedule a session whenever you want - even if it's not on my iTalki schedule)
- exclusive support (via my SECRET email address)
- much, much more!

So, if you're interested in learning more about the ESL Examination Preparation course, feel free to book a trial session with me on iTalki. Please mention the examination that you would like to prepare for in the description. There, we can create a personalized lesson plan to help you interact with others like a native speaker in no time. Communicate with your friends, coworkers, colleagues, and classmates with confidence and ease with this ESL Examination Preparation course. I look forward to meeting you soon. Cheers! :)